Tile Cleaning ~ Calcium Removal

Specializing in Pools, Spas, Fountains and Water Features

We use:

    ~Natural mineral salt  

    ~3.5MOH* instead of Glass Beads

        (Since it is softer our media never damages the surface.)



We conserve water by lowering the level just below the tile line. We also can work in empty pools.    

 We use a power washer with an injection nozzle.

    ~The water and media 
      remove the
calcium and 
      polish the

We rinse any debris off the tile and adjacent pool deck.

 We vacuum the media from the pool.

    ~Any material suspended 
    in the water will filter out
    or dissolve within 24 hrs.

    ~Since the minerals are  
    water soluble it does
    damage pumps or filters
    or sweepers like

   *MOH is a hardness scale
    1=talc 10=diamond)


  See Before and After Pictures 



Call now for a free estimate to safely remove your unsightly white rings and spots, and restore the beauty of your pool, spa, or water feature.

Xtreme Tile Clean
 ~ 661-588-8642




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